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Walk-thru Energy Audits -

  Achieve 5%-10% annual cost savings!

  • We will conduct a one to two day review of facility operations including:
    • Review of facility characteristics with your personnel to determine hours of operation, setpoints, modes of equipment operation, etc.
    • Physical walk-thru of your facility to observe actual operations and confirm the building characteristics.
    • Review of future plans and energy conservation projects/ideas being considered by the facility.
  • Preparation of a management report as described below.

   Management Report

Utility Bill Analysis
Walk-thru Energy Audits
Feasibility Studies
Project Management
Waste Management
  • Executive Summary outlining the basic findings of the Walk-Thru Energy Audit.
  • Description of Walk-Thru Energy Audit Findings
    • Overview of facility characteristics discovered during the audit
    • Listing of  observations and opportunities found during the audit.
  • Recommendations for future activities to reduce energy consumption and cost.
    • Simple actions which can be implemented by facility staff at little or no cost.  Typical savings from implementing Low and No Cost Recommendations can save up to 5% - 10%  of utility bills in one year!
    • A listing of more complex actions for future feasibility analysis tailored to your financial modeling methods and constraints.